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In Memory of Our Sister

WELCOME to the family tribute to our sister Julie Jensen (Griffin) who was brutally murdered by her husband, poisoned with antifreeze at age forty. Julie was the mother of two small children and was a selfless tender loving person who grew suspicious of her plotting husband. From the year of her death in 1998, it took nearly ten years to finally convict her husband guilty of the heinous crime. He was sentenced to life in prison with no parole in Wisconsin 2008. Julie’s brothers have recorded a CD entitled “Voices From Beyond” which are musical pieces inspired by a small slice of Julie's life: childhood, personality, siblings, being a mother, her difficult marriage, her letter from the grave, and her living by the lake. Hopefully these small musical notes can help memorialize Julie so others can share in her sincere warm personality and her tragic story can possibly help save other women from abuse or even death.

Please join us in honoring our memories of Julie and in our cause to protect the innocent.


Julie Carol Griffin was born February 26, 1958, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the only daughter of Raymond Griffin and June (Hackert) Griffin. She was the only girl of six siblings. She lived in Kenosha most of her life.


Julie attended Whittier, Lance, and Tremper Schools in Kenosha, graduating high school in 1976. She was an excellent student having maintained straight A’s and honor roll throughout middle and high school. She was also involved with music. She played the accordion at an early age, then later sang in choir, and played violin in school orchestras.  


Julie had a gentle, carefree, easy-going nature. She was somewhat quiet,

although she enjoyed being with people. Her personality was warm, caring

and sincere.


Growing up, Julie participated in fun family events, such as camping trips to Canada, Disney World, Idaho, and the Ozarks, aside from many local trips. Her father, Raymond, converted a school bus into a fully functional motor home that the family traveled in, of course, after experiencing the fun of tent and pop-up camping. Family was always the center of activity for the Griffins. Many things were done together and in all seasons - hiking, fishing, sports, frisbee, football, baseball, basketball, swimming, camping, sledding, ice skating (at Gangler’s Pond - in the middle of a corn field) and simply playing in the snow. Indoor activities involved playing card and board games together and of course, baby sitting her younger brothers. Being from a close-knit loving family, Julie valued enjoyment of family and friends, with a strong sense of humility, honesty, courtesy and thoughtfulness. She and her brothers also valued responsibility and hard work, helping their parents with daily chores around the house, such as cleaning, doing dishes, dusting, gardening, and always caring for their dog and other pets. Julie’s father was a Boy Scout leader for many years as her brothers climbed the ranks. Julie also was a Brownie and Girl Scout. She also grew up being close to her maternal grandparents and cousins, who lived near by.


Julie was raised with strong Christian morals instilled by her mother and father. She and her brothers grew up regularly attending church services and Sunday school classes and then later confirmation. She valued and respected God, nature, family, and her elders. Julie’s faith continued as an adult, with regular church attendance through college and into marriage.


Julie had many friends while growing up. She hosted many get-togethers with friends from school and the neighborhood. Her and her brother’s friends often came to the Griffin house, as they were always welcome. She developed friendships throughout high school by her involvement in clubs and music. Julie even learned to speak German and participated as an exchange student to Germany in high school.


She worked in the clothing department at Sears in Kenosha during and after high school. Julie attended UW Oshkosh, where she was enrolled in the nursing program. She worked at a nursing home as well as working with Mark’s house painting business to help with her school costs. Because Julie was a person who cared deeply for other people, she became very attached to patients in the nursing home. She was devastated when the patients would die, and therefore decided that she could not be a nurse, so she quit the program shortly before her graduation.


Julie married Mark D. Jensen on April 15, 1984 at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Kenosha. Julie worked in Kenosha as a teller at First National Bank. Eventually, she went to work at Thomson McKinnon in Lake Bluff, Illinois. Julie was an invaluable asset to the company. She earned the license to be an investment broker. She was offered extra bonuses and perks, such as a car and insurance, especially when she was close to maternity leave. She quit her job after having her first son, David, and started watching children in her home.


Julie’s gentle personality allowed her to be a great mother. She had a natural, gracious easy way in dealing with her sons as children. She nurtured them with patience and motherly love that all children deserve. She served as a good example in teaching her children manners. Julie became actively involved as a volunteer at Southport Elementary School when her son David was a student there. She had another son, Douglas, who was in preschool at the time of her death.


Julie was living her loftiest goal as that of a devoted wife and mother. She was ever embellishing her cooking, continuing some of the traditional recipes passed on from her mother, and creating new ones of her own. The numerous ideas she was designing to beautify her home included indoor remodeling, painting and wallpapering, and outdoor landscaping and gardening. She would have already planned the next event to entertain friends and family at her home. Julie also sewed, which she learned from her mother. Her sewing room would have the patterns cut out for stylish homemade clothes and home furnishings such as curtains and quilts. She was also well-known for choosing the perfect card for every occasion. Not only did she never miss any of her siblings birthdays, she would send cards and gifts for every holiday, even including anniversaries. Just like her mother, she would personalize each card, usually filling it inside and on the back with her latest happenings, warm wishes and moral support.


Julie was taking steps to further her career before she suddenly died on December 3, 1998, such as taking the test to get a real estate license and investigating the completion of a bachelor’s degree at Carthage College. She was also in the middle of seeking employment at Kenosha Hospital.


To conclude, throughout her well-rounded childhood and blossoming motherhood, Julie was optimistic by nature and gentle in all respects. Even strangers, upon first meeting her would often comment on her welcoming and kind regards. Julie’s equanimity was the hallmark of her life!


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