In Loving Memory of Our Sister, Julie

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a portion of proceeds benefits domestic abuse charities

Why an album?  I’ve wanted to do music together with my family for some time. Life has a way of throwing curve balls when you least expect it. Here it is almost eight years after Julie’s death and we’ve just been waiting and waiting for something to happen. I needed to do something positive to express myself and share that with family members as a lasting meaningful tribute to Julie. I want Julie’s life to make a difference that can be shared by others. I also hope that something positive and good comes from her tragic end. Wherever she is now, I believe she would be happy to see her family working together on something positive and lasting. Music can also be a powerful healing medicine!

-Patrick Griffin

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“VOICES FROM BEYOND” consists of 10 tracks and over 65 minutes of music

I only continue to be moved by the talent of the Griffin family...exemplified by the heartfelt compositions and performances on the CD. The music is soothing to the soul.

Yvonne Schuman

Just brilliant! The perfect easy listening CD to get. 

Adrian Dzioba

If you would like beautiful, soothing music, this is the CD for you. It is perfect for the meditation and relaxation times in your life...the music will touch the heart of anyone who has lost a loved one. I bought 3 copies.

Joyce Erickson

There was so much feeling in this touched my heart...I will enjoy it for years to come. Thank you!

Sherry S. Jessup

Voices From Beyond is the most hauntingly beautiful CD I own. Patrick’s talent as a composer is indescribable. Michael, Paul and Larry’s wonderful and talented contributions rounded out the project and it so warmed my heart. EVERYONE should take the opportunity to buy this album - and in so doing - you will understand what a loving mother and sister Julie was.


This new CD is amazing, a heartfelt collection of songs... on endless play in my car. Every track is wonderful. Voices From Beyond is a must have for anyone interested in simply great music.

William Anderson


“Failing Virtues”

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